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becomes militant and Catholic. It has suppressed
the Communist Party, as a gesture of resentment
against Russia and a precaution against post-war
collectivisation. The Belgian caricaturist Rae-
maekers is now presenting Hitler day after day
as a pitiful weakling already disposed of and
worthy of our sympathy, while Stalin is repre-
sented as a frightful giant with horns and a tail.
Yet both France and Britain are at peace with
Russia and have every reason to come to a
working understanding with that country. The
attitude of Russia to the war has on the whole
been cold, contemptuous and reasonable.
It is not as if these devious schemes can take us
somewhere ; it is not that this restoration of the
Holy Roman Empire is a possibility. You
confront these Catholic politicians, just as you
confront the politicians of Westminster, with
these two cardinal facts, the abolition of distance
and the change of scale. In vain. You cannot
get any realisation of the significance of these
things into those idea-proofed skulls. They are
deaf to it, blind to it. They cannot see that it
makes any difference at all to their long-estab-
lished mental habits. If their minds waver for
a moment they utter little magic prayers to
exorcise the gleam.
What, they ask, has " mere size " to do with the